Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Improvisational Plotting

I pulled out a mess of wires and strange looking equipment that I didn't recognize, nor did I know what they were. Technology was X's job. I pulled out the long strand until a three foot wire was stretched atop the engines. It was a wireless telegraphy machine.
"Agent S, abort procedure. I repeat, abort machine." I said quickly. A reply crackled back.
"Aborting procedure." Roger's voice came. "What now Agent P?" That hit me hard. Failure was frowned upon, very heavily. I groaned and kneaded my head. I needed a plan, and soon.
"I got it!" I exclaimed. "Meet at the Flying Knight Inn."
"Understood." Roger's voice came back, it was a code word for the lounge area. I started walking proudly through the hallways, hoping to avoid any questions from the staff.