Friday, May 28, 2010

Hijacking of the HMS Victoria

I stepped forward to the bored looking guard who seemed more interested in his cigar. Swallowing, I handed him my papers. He glanced at them.
"Alright, carry on." He mumbled around his cigar. Holding my breath to avoid inhaling the noxious smoke, I hurried past. I hurried past the other passengers who were chilling in the lounge, I needed to be one of the first ones aboard. I hurried through the glass doors onto the landing field and came face to face with a guard.
"Good day sir." I said hastily, before kicking myself. That was horrible.
"No it isn't." The guard replied gloomily. "There are clouds, it looks like it might rain, and I just got fired."
"That's horrible!" I replied, wishing I had taken acting.
"Yes, well, carry on." The guard, I mean, ex-guard said with a wave of his hand. I needed no second telling. I hurried aboard the ship and made my way to the back, near the engines.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Justin Time. Phase two.

Beep! Beep! My tracker chirped at me. The rest of the group was boarding the air-ship. "C'mon Sara. Phase two is almost in motion." We headed out of the cargo hold and onto the passenger level. I didn't have to look at my notes to remind myself. I needed to get to row D-12. Then I would start phase two.