Friday, May 28, 2010

Hijacking of the HMS Victoria

I stepped forward to the bored looking guard who seemed more interested in his cigar. Swallowing, I handed him my papers. He glanced at them.
"Alright, carry on." He mumbled around his cigar. Holding my breath to avoid inhaling the noxious smoke, I hurried past. I hurried past the other passengers who were chilling in the lounge, I needed to be one of the first ones aboard. I hurried through the glass doors onto the landing field and came face to face with a guard.
"Good day sir." I said hastily, before kicking myself. That was horrible.
"No it isn't." The guard replied gloomily. "There are clouds, it looks like it might rain, and I just got fired."
"That's horrible!" I replied, wishing I had taken acting.
"Yes, well, carry on." The guard, I mean, ex-guard said with a wave of his hand. I needed no second telling. I hurried aboard the ship and made my way to the back, near the engines.


  1. Ooh suspense is getting bigger!! :):)


  2. The part with the guard doesn't really make sense.
    Unless you're planning to make him a problem later on. Which I think is a great idea.

  3. I might, it all sort of happens instantaneously. I don't really have anything actually planned out.


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