Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plan B A, Part Two

As I entered the lounge and took a seat near the window, Roger Sterling entered the lounge. He slipped into the seat across from me and ordered a glass of something called Glug. As the waiter headed back to the kitchen, Roger leaned forward.
"What's the plan?" Roger asked from the corner of his mouth. He leaned back in his chair. I paused as the waiter brought his drink and set it on the table.
"We'll have to do it the old-fashioned way." I muttered. "Force the crew and passengers off and sail off into the sunset."
"Classic." Roger replied, "Now, the plan?"
"We, uh, storm the bridge." I stammered.
"The two of us?" Roger asked. "That's reckless." He was right. Maybe that wasn't the greatest idea.
"Do you have any better ideas?" I challenged.
"Yes." That was a surprise. Roger rarely had an idea, or at least a good one.
"Well? What is it?" I had to know. Roger smirked.
"You're about to catch a deadly illness."

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