Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hijacking of the HMS Victoria- part 1

The HMS Victoria was the pride of Britain's passenger fleet. 110 feet long, 50 feet tall, she was the largest ship. Guns could be mounted anywhere on her exterior. Plus, as a carrier of the rich and famous, she was armored.

Now, get me straight, as an agent there have been things I've done that I am not proud of. This is one.

Everything was going as planned. I was in the ticket line waiting patiently. People scurried about, minding their own business. I had my revolver and my cane sword. Everything was perfect, Roger Sterling was in a separate line. I could feel a case of the butterflies coming on so I took a deep breath.


  1. What happened?!? What next?!? You cannot stop there!

  2. Wow, sounds like a great alternative history story! What a great time period to explore too!

  3. You have to wait until the next post Storyteller.

    Brandon, thanks.


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